Tips for Traveling In Airports

Tips for Traveling In AirportsTraveling throughout airports can be a stressful experience for anyone who is on a time crunch, or desperately waiting to arrive at their destination.  However, airports do not have to be a burden in your travel experience.  As long as you apply these simple tips to your next vacation, you just might see the glass half full when it comes to your time spent in the airport.

Arrival Time

Depending on the airport, you should arrive between an hour and 2 hours before your flight’s departure time.  People often make the mistake of arriving too early, which means they hang out in the airport for hours more than they should.  Now that TSA has found ways to speed up the security process, you don’t always have to wait in long lines to get to your gate.  If you have experience of flying out of a certain airport, then you should know how long it typically takes to get to your gate on any given day.  That being said, be early, but don’t be so early that you arrive at your gate with 4 hours until departure.

Mastering The Layover

Everyone hates layovers, except the ones who know how to relax and enjoy the moment.  For the most part, people see layovers as a burden and nuance that’s prolonging them from getting home.  The ones who have mastered the layover see it as an opportunity to enjoy a few hours to stretch their legs, walk around the airport, or belly up to the bar and enjoy a nice cold beer.  This is the time where you just need to relax and understand that you have no control over what happens.  So why worry about it and get frustrated?  Instead, you should seek adventure, live in the moment and try to enjoy the time you have.

Airline Lounges

If you’re a frequent flier and have earned enough points you’ll need to track down your airline’s travel lounge.  These relaxation hubs are exclusive to people with points and miles, and are a place to relax in a leather recliner with free food and drinks ready to order.  There is nothing better than being able to put your feet up with a cold (free) beer to sip on.

Sit Back, Relax & Enjoy The Show

No, it’s not movie time.  It’s people watching time.  If you’re tired of reading, playing on the computer, or listening to music then sit back and prepare to be amazed. People watching can provide a certain kind of entertainment that you just can’t get from your book, phone, or music. People watching is also great if you have a few hours to kill until flight takes off, and you don’t want to leave your gate.  Two hours until departure may seem like a long time, but not when you can enjoy the free entertainment of other people.  Of course it’s a little silly, but time will fly by when you’re distracted and in awe of some of the things other people do.

Airports can be a drag, especially if you own a business like and are frequently flying for business meetings and events. Be prepared once you arrive at the airport, or you have a long layover ahead of you.  Make the most out of your time and remember not to stress over something you can’t control.

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